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* [[Research papers 1.1]]
* [[Research papers 1.1]]
* [[Speeches 1.1]]
* [[Speeches 1.1]]
* [[Statistical data 1.1]] - FX, Interest Rates, Other
* [[Statistical data 1.1]]  
* [[Events|Events 1.0]]
* [[Events|Events 1.0]]

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In-depth explanations of how to employ RSS-CB for particular applications:

General remarks on application guides

Application guides illustrate how RSS-CB facilitates creation of consistent RSS feeds. This consistency across websites of central banks increases the likelihood that the feeds of a particular central bank are correctly included in aggregated feeds.

When RSS items are aggregated, they lose the context in which they were created. The application guides deal with the implications of this for creating values in RSS feeds. The title of a web page, for example, may rely on its placement within a particular website to provide its context. This context is lost when these titles are directly copied into RSS titles.

Obsolete versions